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What is Vire’s attached?

Vire's attached is a website that provides the latest information and current updates about India and the people of India. Both real life and funny stories are posted in this site. The aim of this website is to create a Youth magazine however, the old people will also love to go through the posts shared on Vire’s attached.


What can be posted on Vire's attached?

Our dedicated team of editors goes through every post before they are uploaded on the website. With this, we don’t intend to hurt the sentiment of anyone despite caste, creed, sex, religion, etc. We ensure that all our posts are safe and anyone can go through them.


How can someone contribute in Vire’s attached?

If you are a good writer and like to play with words, then you can contribute with some of your valuable posts at Vire’s attached. You can join our program and post your write ups on a weekly or monthly basis with credits given to you solely.


How can anyone apply for a suitable job in Vire’s attached?

The person will have to go to the careers section in our website and check out the current openings available. You can also check out our Facebook page where we keep updating about the latest information of our company. If any of the job openings match your criteria, then send us your latest resume with the contact details. If we think you are suitable for us, we will contact you.


Can someone suggest their innovative idea to Vire’s attached?

Everyone is welcome to suggest their innovative idea on Vire’s attached. You can either mail us here or even share your views by dropping us a message on our Facebook page

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