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14 WTF Food & Drinks From Around The World :

By: Dolna Ray on: Nov 13, 2015 at: 15:30:47


We all live once, and most of us live to eat ( even if we do not admit it)  but very few of us can actually afford to be adventurous and venture into new gastronomic horizons.  For it takes great courage and fortitude to taste any of these bizarre food and beverages listed below. ( Though one may be pleasantly surprised if they bother to make the effort) so .... bon appétit??

1.) Octopus Ice Cream: Dont compare it to Chocolate Frogs and think adorable octopus shapes made of vanilla or chocolate. When we say Octopus Ice Cream , we mean Octopus flavoured ice cream. Get it?

2.) Bacon Tea:  People at pin interest are still trying to figure out how to make this beverage.


3.) Wasp Crackers :  Yes you know that the wasps are theoretically dead, but its still difficult to stomach what used to sting you.

4.) onkey’s Brains (Africa): Where is your sense of culinary adventure ala Hannibal Lector?

5.) Eskimo Ice Cream(Alaska): Yet another ice cream, that looks very inviting , but you should seriously consider the ingredients,( reindeer  fat, seal oil, freshly fallen snow, berries and fish paste)

6.) Beondegi ( Korea) Apparently silkworms have versatile uses. Besides being used to make silk, they can also be bolied and steamed. They are supposed to provide a three in one flavour chestnuts, cooked soybeans and mushrooms.

7.) Deep fried Tarantula ( Cambodia) :  These are served along with eggs and excrement intact.

8.) Grasshoppers ( Thailand & Mexico) : Apparently if well marinated and fried they taste like crisp chicken.

9.) Khash ( Middle East) : Essentially it is a regular, delicious beef stew. But this dish can creep out those with a faint heart, as it is served along with the stewed cow’s head intact. 

10.) Fried Rattlesnake (USA): said to taste a little like frogs legs. Experts advise boiling the meat off the bones before dipping in egg and covering in seasoned salt mix, flour and breadcrumbs

11.) Balut ( Phillipines): Some of us will try our best to forget the ingredients once we have learnt it. ( This dish is nothing more or less than a duck embryo boiled alive in its shell. 

12.) Dragon In The Flame Of Desire (China): This is basically a yak’s ‘’you know what’’ roasted.  Do you have any desire to take a bite?

13.) Snake/Scorpion wine:  This beverage contains an infusion of whole snake or black scorpion in rice wine or grain alcohol and months of fermentation cancels the venoms of the animals soaking in the beverage. But the mixed variation  also uses fresh blood and/or bile. 

14.) Raw Blood Soup(Vietnam): Yep. It is just what you think it is! Known as tiet canh in Vietnam, the soup comprises of goose, duck and even pig blood served chilled with herbs and chopped peanuts.

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