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9 things Every Guy Goes through after doing MBA...!

By: Rishikesh Sharma on: Jul 13, 2015 at: 00:00:00


Love them, hate them, hire them, marry them – there’s no running away from the fact that MBAs rule. Today, it is one of the most sought-after and envied professions, and why shouldn’t it be, the perks are limitless, after all. But life is not exactly cakewalk after MBA as the world would have us believe. It has its ups and down, perks and quirks. 

Here are 10 things that every guy experiences after an MBA. 

1. You Suddenly Become A Sought-After Groom

This happens as soon as you manage to bag a seat in a B-school. All the chachis and mamis of the house can’t stop flaunting you in front of their neighbours and distant relatives. And when the marriage offers start pouring in, you realize how much your degree has added to your matrimonial value. 

2. You Are Expected To Pay Up At Every Dinner Party

“Beta, ab toh tu MBA ho gaya hai, daaru toh tu hi pilaega.” is what you often hear from friends and family. Congratulations, you have arrived. An MBA sure brings a higher package, but the world doesn’t give a fuck about the unbelievable loan you took from the bank and are still paying the EMIs. And when it comes to expectations, family and relatives are not far behind. 

3. The Job Offers Are Definitely More Lucrative


Oh come on, that’s a given. Your salary package suddenly shoots up to the sun. You are suddenly this big fancy guy who the companies are dying to hire. 

4. Your Boss Expects You To Be A Magician

But the downside of the high demand and higher package is that you are expected to be a magician and turn the fate of the company overnight. There’s nothing a hotshot MBA can’t do. Even if the company is going down in the pits, you are expected to just wave your magic wand and get it back on track. Chart out ground-breaking strategies, impress the clients, basically sweep everybody off their feet with your genius. Not everybody has the patience to see that long-term strategies and ideas take time to show results. 

5. The Ones Who Didn’t/Couldn’t Do An MBA Start Envying You

If an MBA earned you coquettish glances from girls in your neighbourhood, or a barrage of ‘rishtas’, it also brought in envious vibes from all the men who couldn’t do it. That close friend in college who didn’t clear CAT, or that colleague whose salary is half than yours; don’t be surprised if you don’t find them too friendly. 

6. Your Friends Who Did Not Go For An MBA Have More Experience Than You

Your friends are well into the industry and know it like the back of their hands. For you, it’s like starting from scratch again. You have to understand the industry as a fresher. And the irony that you are at a high post and expected to deliver results overnight makes it all the more challenging. 

7. You Realize You Have Left Your Core Subject Far Behind

If you are an engineer, then an MBA spells goodbye to your core subject. Your job will involve nothing even remotely related to engineering – your first love. While spending hours in meetings, you realize you’d love nothing more than customizing your dear bike or working on that new code.  

8. And People Be Like, “Arre, Why Don’t You Start Your Own Venture Now?” 

This is the first thing every Tom, Dick and Harry will ask you at a party. Suddenly, the whole world expects you to come up with a game-changing idea that will revolutionize the industry and get you on the cover of a business magazine. Otherwise, you are just an ordinary MBA. 

9. Thanks To B-Schooling, You Get Into The Habit Of Using Corporate Jargons 

A few months into the job, you tell your friends how you need to maintain a ‘work-life balance’, and the first thing they do is laugh at your usage of words. You try to explain to them how there has been a ‘paradigm shift’ in your routine, and the sound of the laughter doubles up. Those two years of B-schooling have definitely polished your language skills, and that is a good habit hard to kick off. 


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MBA 9 things Every Guy Goes through after doing MBA...!
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