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Abhishek Bachchan's Parody Twitter Account Is So Brutally Funny

By: Swastika Bose on: May 21, 2016 at: 15:48:47


It’s now not day-to-day that a Twitter parody account is learned and it seems to be higher than the common one. But Abhishek Bachchan’s parody Twitter account is so brutally hilarious that it has grabbed our awareness:

1. Like, seriously, give the man a break. It’s not his fault.

2. Fardeen Khan gets a mention and he doesn’t? What is wrong with Tata Sky?

3. Obviously. Itne paise mein itna-ich milega.

4. No wonder he’s not doing any movies. He’s busy as a bee.

5. Yeah. I think somebody needs to burst that bubble for him

6. And he is, of course, smarter than Senior Bachchan

7. Imagine the horror of getting hit by a CD. That too a CD of ‘Masti’.

8. When he discovered treasures more precious than anything else

9. When this pic was the truth as well as a burn

10. When you didn’t know if you wanted to hug the poor guy or just laugh at him

11. Story of every man’s life?

12. And this extremely sad moment, except it’s also absolutely hilarious

Source: downtownfeed.com

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