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How much does the IPL cheerleaders earn?

By: Binit Maity on: May 23, 2016 at: 16:29:07


Cheerleaders have become integral part IPL. For every 4 or every 6 during the match, these cheerleaders are ready to dance and entertain the audience, thus attracting them. But the question how cheerleaders earn money and what is their salary? As per the reports cheerleader earns around 15 thousand 25 thousand per match. If the team wins they get the bonus too. In the entire season, the plays minimum 14 matches and so, these cheerleaders have around 4 lakhs ready.

Per Match income – 6000-12000

Bonus on win- 3000

Extra appearance – 7000-12000

Photo shoot- 5000

The earning of KKR cheerleaders:

According to report salary of KKR cheerleaders have been increased by 10 per cent for IPL season 9. The salary per match is Rs, 12,000. Moreover, they get the bonus too, its team wins. Maximum remuneration is given by KKR.

Actual salary- Rs.12,000

Bonus- 3,000

Extra appearance- 12,000

Earning or RCB cheerleaders:

Royal Challengers Bangalore to offers good compensation to their cheerleaders after KKR. They give Rs. 10,000 per month.

Actual salary- 10,000

Bonus- 3,000

Parties or events- Rs. 10,000

Earning of Mumbai Indians cheerleaders

Mumbai Indians and other team offer cheerleaders a remuneration of  Rs. 7,000 to 8,000. The bonus is Rs, 3000. The amount for parties or events is decided as per the match fees.

Earning of Indian Cheerleaders in IPL

In few matches, Indian cheerleaders also perform and we will see this even in this year’s IPL. Indian cheerleaders get compensation of Rs 5000-6000 per match.

Source: Sportswiki

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