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Connection Between Eating Habits & Personality : These 10 Eating Habits Can Reveal Your Personality

By: Lovely Roy on: May 26, 2016 at: 11:34:58


Quick eaters are good multi-taskers, and picky eaters are curious! Food expert reveals what your dining habits say about your personality.And whether you eat slowly, refuse to mix different foods, or slurp your soup, your eating habits offer great insight into your character.Here’s what the way you eat says about your personality.

1. If you're a slow eater

We all know the type: After everyone else has finished their meal, you’ll find this person plodding along, eating one little bite at a time. When sitting down at the table, the slow eater takes his or her sweet time — and is always the last person to finish the meal.People who eat slowly only sometimes, however, may do so because of low energy or a sad mood.If you are someone who makes it a point to savor your food during your meals, you are someone who enjoys living in the moment.At work, you are never in a hurry to get things done. You believe that a job well done is far better than one done quickly. In a relationship, you are always living in the current moment. On the flip side, you are a stubborn person who likes sticking to routines.

2. If you're a fast eater

This person tends to barrel through meals, cleaning the plate before the rest of the table has finished even half of their meal.  Unlike slow eaters, those who eat quickly are more likely to put other things and other people before themselves. While they make great partners because of their giving nature, many fast eaters don't take enough time for themselves or focus on their own needs as often, which can turn out to be an issue in the long wrong.You are amazing.

3.ORGANIZER- If you don’t like others touching your food

If you are someone who has an issue with people touching your food, it suggests you’re extremely organised. You like to keep things neat and clean, and are trying your best to avoid a mess of any sort. At work, you ably handle the tasks at hand. In a relationship, you are always up for sharing responsibilities. These are great qualities, but they often stress you out. Being a little flexible will help you calm down.

4. If you are adventurous about trying new foods

If you are always looking for the next great culinary experience and are always willing to try exotic new foods, you are someone who enjoys taking risks. You undoubtedly crave adventure if every aspect of your life, and people see you as brave and outgoing. Adventurous eaters are unique, open-minded and almost never boring, however, they need to be careful not to intimidate others who don't share your adventurous nature.

5.ISOLATIONIST-If you prefer eating one food at a time

People who only eat one food at a time also have issues with flexibility. Most isolationist eaters are task-oriented and methodical, giving great attention to detail in everything they do. However, they are often set in their ways. People who eat their food in this manner hate change and often have trouble just going with the flow.

6.Mixer- If you're into mixing foods together

f you are someone who likes to scoop a bit of everything and mix it together before you take you first bite, you are open to new things and like to experiment in your own life.

People who mix their food are outgoing and often have strong relationships with their friends, and they are comfortable taking on responsibility.

However, with so many things on their plate, they often over-commit and have trouble prioritizing what should be done first. Mixers may also have issues with concentration.

7. If you are picky about food

If you’re that person who has really specific food requests, you have a comfort zone you hate getting out off. You prefer to have a job profile that you know inside out. And your relationships are long and settled ones. However, you are a curious personality and crave knowledge. It’s good to be comfortable, but being a little adventurous will push you towards bigger and better opportunities.

8. PREPARER- If you cut food before start eating

Those who cut up all of their food before they start eating are strategic and forward thinking. They always appear to be at least one step ahead of everyone else. Preparers have big dreams and often relish in planning and looking towards the future, however, because of this people who eat in this manner struggle to enjoy the present. When looking for someone to share their lives with, these types of people look for others who are also goal oriented.

9. If you are conscious about what you eat  

People who are particular eat according to the rule book. They keep a check on their nutrients and calories. It suggests that you are not open to trying new things, and are orderly and organised to the extent of being stubborn.


People who happily chew their food loudly, slurp their soup, or make other odd noises while eating are undoubtedly free spirits who don't take other people's opinions to heart. People who eat their food this way are often straightforward in their everyday lives as well. And because oversharers aren't overly concerned with the thoughts of those around them, some may think they are mannerless or rude, which isn't always the case.

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