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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage : 9 Most Funny Illustrations That Will Make You Laugh!!

By: Lovely Roy on: Jul 08, 2016 at: 15:42:11


First of all the questions become what is marriage? Marriage is the understanding and misunderstanding of a couple! After that, some person say that they think love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage the couple is well known by each other and this is the real mean of marriage when to they have a good understanding. There is no tension of divorce and the life is getting on simply. And by arranging marriage the life of couple are going in burden because they don't know about each other so that the misunderstanding bears from here and they always saw suspiciously each other.

In others point of view, arranged marriage is best. In this world 'I' is the worst word if we got love marriage we told only I. In arranged marriage they have parents support if they have any problems they solve that problem. In love marriage before marriage both girl and boy understand each other In arranged marriage after marriage they understand each other this is the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage.

But here we bring some funny illustrations of Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage-

1. The Best Comparison You’ll Read

2. You’ll Get Roasted Roti

3. Find The GAP

4. “Kaat Bhai”

5. The Main Difference

6.  Goods Sold Once, Can not be returned..

7. Everyone’s Gonna Suffer!

8. Cheap Job which destroy our society

9. The Most Funny Question About Marriage

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