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Tough streak takes leap! Sonakshi Sinha smashes in 'Force 2' poster

By: Nilanjan Majumdar on: Sep 29, 2016 at: 08:16:24


John Abraham's upcoming project 'Force 2' has been anticipated a lot lately for it's action feelers.

The action hero packed a punch with his 2011 release 'Force' and next in the series is much awaited amongst fans.

Looking terrific on the recently released 'Force 2' poster, John has created ripples on social networking sites.

Adding a little more to the curiosity, John took to Twitter to release another poster from the movie featuring Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi is looking tough and intense, giving an intriguing insight to what 'Force 2' has to deliver.

Well, the new poster got us glued, how about you? Are you excited for John-Sonakshi's 'Force 2'?

Source: zee news

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