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Ranveer Singh Is Going Viral And It Unveils His Emotional Side Beautifully!

By: Binit Maity on: Sep 29, 2016 at: 11:48:04


Ranveer Singh is one hell of an enthu cutlet. When he's not acting, most of us have often spotted him laughing and cracking jokes during award shows, events and yes, chat shows too!

To the world, Ranveer Singh is the happiest guy around. However, not many know that there is a soft side to Bollywood's Bajirao. 

A clip of Ranveer Singh that is going viral shows his emotional side. In 2011, Ranveer appeared on the chat show India's Most Desirable and when a video message that had a message from Ranveer's mom and dad was played, he couldn't hold back his tears. 

Source: India 

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